Previous Monthly Meetings of the
2016-2017 Season

Date: October 12, 2017
Speaker: Lynda Cavanagh with Sarah Styles and Bree Christie

Sarah Styles on the right lives in Cardinal and travels to Brockville and Prescott to participate in a number of Special Olympic sport programs.  She is a very positive young lady and a joy to be with.

Bree Christie lives here in Brockville with her mom and has belonged to Special Olympics for many years. She lived in Australia for a few years where she participated in a number of sport programs there in Special Olympics. We are
happy to have her back in Brockville.

Lynda Cavanagh has lived in Brockville with her husband Dave since 2001. She is a past President of the May Court Club of Brockville, volunteers also with the Aquarium and Loaves and Fishes and manages the Law Library at the Courthouse. She is currently the Community Coordinator for Brockville & Area Special Olympics 


Date: September 14, 2017
Speaker: Loretta Corbeil

Loretta Corbeil is Project Manager Homeward Bound Brockville.

Loretta has 25 years plus experience with non-profit program management providing leadership in the development, implementation and evaluation of programs and supervising program staff in program delivery. Loretta has a strong background in advocacy and public policy. 
She enjoys spending time with her family including her husband, 3 children and 4 grandchildren. She also enjoys volunteering in the community. 
She is delighted to be working at the EEC with Homeward Bound Brockville, meeting and working with women to create new pathways to opportunity.