Brockville Women’s Network Annual Achievement Award.

Each year, a member of Brockville Women’s Network is honoured with an Annual Achievement award for her contribution to BWN and/or the community.

We are very pleased to announce our 2017-2018 BWN Annual Achievement Award was presented to Wendy Galloway!!!
Wendy is well known in the Brockville area as a committed volunteer who has worked on numerous local committees and projects. While many of her activities are public, Wendy also works quietly 'behind the scenes" by acting as a mentor, a sounding board and an advocate. Wendy inspires all those around her with her professionalism, listening and leadership skills. Despite her busy personal and work life, Wendy is always the first one to respond 'yes" when asked if she can help with a task or an event. She is an advocate for people from all walks and stages of life, always encouraging people to follow their 'dreams and be all they can be.'


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Annual Achievement Award Application

Applications are due May 1


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